Monday, July 07, 2008

Great HE Myths

Aha, that's what daylight looks like! As I crawl out from under a huge project, I urge any readers to take a look at this great piece by John Sutherland, looking at myths about higher education.

The argument in 'Tryth 3' is slighly facile with a kind of blithe assumption it's easy to earn £100k a year if you feel like it, and I'm not convinced by his apparent equivocation on plagiarism (although I think it's an interesting point).

But overall, the article makes a very good case that much of the things people 'know' about HE are, essentially myths.
Standards have not self-evidently fallen. Some subjects are not self-evidently 'easier'. A degree has value and is not pointless.

More of this kind of article, please, and less deliberately misleading, agenda-driven headlines to articles that don't match the contents.